As a part of my Empowerment Coaching Program, we will dig into all that makes you great, as well as look into what is hindering your greatness. This whole-person approach will help you manifest true transformation. I will help you grow in your personal awareness, become accountable for your life, and walk in confidence. I am excited about partnering with you in the work to achieve your goals.


"It's hard to put in words how far I've come and how your coaching has helped in so many ways. God has gifted you with helping women to see who they are and their potential. You give insights and speak truth in a loving way.  You help women take the blinders off, to step out and seek God and all that He has for each us. You encourage women to be confident, successful and to become who God created us to be."

To Carol from Lynette; Empowerment Coaching Client

Empowerment Coaching Program

This is an exclusive 3-month, 1-on-1 coaching program. Space is limited. You will receive weekly coaching sessions performed by videoconference that coincide with weekly topics and assignments designed to facilitate your desired outcome. Listed topics are subject to change based on the needs of the client. Your success is most important.

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Description: You are seeking coaching for a reason. There is a place you believe or feel you should be that is contrary to where you currently are, how you currently feel, or what you have achieved to this point. It is important that you start by getting a true lay of the land, understand and be able to articulate why where you are is unacceptable, so you can set appropriate goals and strategies to move forward and achieve success.

Week 1 - Getting to Know You
Week 2 - Where are you now?
Week 3 - Who are you now?
Week 4 - When This, I Do That


Description: Now that you have a clear visual of the distance between where you are and where you want to be, it is important to reflect on what brought you to this point. Many believe you should only look forward. However, there are valuable lessons in the past that you must extract the wisdom from so not to compromise your future. If you do not, you risk repeating patterns, behaviors, language, and the mindset that kept you unsatisfied and unsuccessful. Unpack the past so you can move forward.

Week 5 - The Environment the Nurtured You
Week 6 - The Choices That Positioned You
Week 7 - Your Systems


Description: Here is where the work begins. You have identified how and why where you are is not where you want to be, and you have looked within yourself to identify some of the traits, habits, and experiences of your past contributed to you lack of success. Now, you can take that information and develop strategies and tools that will ensure personal transformation and position you for success.

Week 8 - Goal Setting

Week 9 - What are you willing to change?

Week 10 - New Habits & Rituals

Week 11 - Your Community

Week 12 - Transformation

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